Thursday, November 24, 2011


hey i found this awesome websute to watch GREAT shows:) really good:) love it:) i got to go now as i'm not as free as i may seem to be:( sad... bye:)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EOYs, movie marathon

EOYs hav finally ended!!!! today is marking day so no school:) movie marathon-ing now!! watching 200 pounds of beauty on :) really good:) second time watching:) very funny!! next show will be 49 days!! haha! gtg now! cheers to korean drama:) <3

Friday, September 30, 2011


heylo:) cant post much today cos i wasted loads of time tryng to turn on the computer... but ANYWAY, heylo:) exams are here already, and although i think i'm not gonna do ell, i'm not fretting it or else i'll get too stress... too stress= wanna die= will die... SO BETTER NOT!!!! i can do it!! ><o

Thursday, September 15, 2011


HEYLO! has been quite awhile since i last updated but here i am:) updating my blog like some epic awkward dork:) ok la, maybe not so bad... hahah:) ok, will take pic of my drawing of 2ne1 thn upload:) PARK BOM AND MINJI WAS LIKE SCREWED:P :'( hahah:) kay nid to go alrdy! will update soon:)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

tired tired tired...

ok, i'm sorry i have not been posting and updating frequently but anyway, well, here is my new post:)) so basically i did SERIOUSLY BAD for my common tests but never mind, no point crying over spilt milk:P i've not been updating fan fic, unfortunately, as i dont really have the time now:( sad... well, i guess a blog is to express how you feel and stuff so yea, well i guess i feel kinda pissed over some stuff but at least today i didnt feel lonely lonely as i went home with a friend:) we were like talking bout the horny advert we had seen just now:) haha:) i'll try to find the advert and upload it so that you can laugh with me:)  weeeeelll, i feel so tired and i just want to take a break from everyone and be alone for a while so that i can organize my thoughts first... maybe i should take  a nap:)) hmmm...

Sunday, July 3, 2011


United States
United Kingdom
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1,518 (90%)
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PlayStation Portable
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

sch hols are ending:( !!!

oh boy, the school hols are ending..well today is the last day and i am so sad... well, at least i will be able to meet friends again...:) i cant wait to tell them bout my trip to hhong kong... well, i visited famous places like the avenue of stars, sky 100, disneyland, TSL(a jewellry place) and many others:) i even took a ferry to macau and visited the place where they filmed BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!! it was SO SO SO fascinating:)!! well, for now i will leave this post short as i still hav loads of homework to do by tonight and that includes 2 chinese essays and comprehension.. and also, i have math!!!! :( noooooo!!! well, so for now, bye:) pls do comment:)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

20th post!!!

hey everyone!!! its my 20th post already!!! i've been blogwalking recently and came across something called MY ABCs... ok, you are probably thinking: what the toot is wrong with this girl!?  but no, nothing is wrong with me!!!  well, below is my ABCs and i hope you read it:)

Andrea, yea, thats my name:)
Brother- annoying
Coke-don't really like it cos its carbonated sugar water
Dog- nope, i don't have one.
Eggs- should be scrambled.
Gays can be nice people too you know...
Hairstyle-an awesome mushroom:)
Ice cream is awesome on a hot day like today...
Jellybeans are colourful:)
Katy perry's album, teenage dream, is one of my favourites
Leo, that's my zodiac sign
My life is full of colours:)
Newspapers are boring
Octopus are smart:)
Please comment
Queue up dude!!!
Respect me and my choices
Shut up and drive~
Talk to the hand sister~!!
U r awesome to be reading this
Very awesome indeed...
What is a 4 letter word and is a 3 letter word rarely is a 6 letter word and never is a 5 letter word. get it???
Xmen have muscles:)
Yay!!! thanks for reading this, 1 more to go!!!
Z is the last letter of the alphabet:)

haha, awesome eh??? well, you could make yours up too!! it's simple!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

the start of hols!!!!

hey!!! so the hols has just begun and i'm feeling SO bored already!!! i've run outta things to do and can't wait till school starts again(unexpectedly)... i cant wait to meet up with my friends again and am seriously looking for something to do... anyway, i feel so good about starting a new blog and hey, it turned out great!!! anyway, i've reached about 300 pageviews for this blog and i m SO proud of it!! :) i would like to thank those who have been reading my blog and those that are reading it now.  but i do hope you leave a comment to, and maybe suggestions on what could be improved in the blog!!! so, the following are links to my other blogs i hope you see too:)
i really hope to see my pagevews increasing!!! and once again, THANK YOU!!! :D

Friday, May 27, 2011

another awesome blog for me:)

hey guys, and gals!!! i've just created another blog, though i'll still be blogging on this one too:) link: !!! pls do visit it and if possible, comment too!!! i look forward to sharing my thoughts and expressing myself through that blog and this one too.
bored and feel like reading but just dont know what to read??? well, look no further as i also have another blog, .  i write short chapters of a love story. (p.s. the story is fake)  ok, you probably might be thinking"where does this girl get so much ideas from?" well, mostly, i get my ideas from shows i watch (especially korean shows) and sometimes thing that happen in my life!! but, than again, i still enjoy writing and twisting the ends of things that happened so that it would become the most perfect and complete story..EVER!!!  i hope all my readers enjoy reading my posts and pls do comment!!! you can comment as anonymous, thn click preview and type the nonsense word given. or you could log in with your google account and comment too!!! i would also like to thank those who have been reading my posts, allowing my blog to reach those in Iran and even Germany!!! lol, i did not realise i've typed so much!! ok, i shall stop now but before that, i would like to thnk you once again!!! THANKS:D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

how i spent my week...

hey everyone!! i havent updated the blog for quite awhile and am so terribly busy now. ok, first i would like to share with you how i spent the week.  i have been feeling seriously tired and have not had a sugar rush in quite awhile... on tuesday was vesak day and so we had no school(yay!!!) on thursday(or was it friday???) i went out though i was supposed to be at home... SLEEPING!! and on friday, something ultra unexpected happened, i won a competition i had participated in!!!! OMG!!! i was seriously happy and surprised as it wasnt really award winning... anyway, after i got home from the prize presentation,i showered, had dinner and was literally STUCK on the sofa, watching TV!!! i watched cinderella story and after that, watched a documentary. that was not all. after the documentary, i watched the news... ok, well, better than reading the newspapers right??? the only reason i read the newspapers is because of the comics section and horoscope, which actually, is seriously accurate!  like on friday, it said being confident would do me good. and guess what? i was confident and won the competition!!! anyway, back to newspapers. i SERIOUSLY enjoy baby blues, foxtrot, snoopy and another on i'm not sure what its called... anyway, i just hope this blog would reach 300 pageviews soon!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

 ok, i've taken some screen shots of SHINee's music videos AND some other random photos of them... enjoy...


                                                                                                                        " back off..."


                                                                                         "Listen now young ones..."


                                                                                           "JUST GO..."

SHINee together~!!

<~ haha. this is a very sick photo...

SHINee SHOWALS 4EVER!!!:) <3~!!


ok everyone, i've got a new tumblr so pls pls see!!! well,i've just startde only so there's like only one post...but ANYWAY, here's the link!!!

ok, as i was saying, i'm really happy that some people from iran, malaysia and even germany have viewed my blog!!! and yes!!! i've got 69 views from Singapore!!! *clap clap clap* haha!!! i would just like to thank everyone for visiting my blog and'll find out more about me if you visit my blog regularly!!! and yes, pls do comment!!! you can use anonymous as your name too!!! i just would like to hear about how i can improve my blog so it looks more "welcoming"!!! haha, anyway, YES!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND I DO HOPE THAT YOU CAN VISIT MY BLOG REGULARLY AND SO THAT I CAN INCREASE MY PAGEVIEWS!!!
another awesome blog of mine:
its fake, don't worry and i use it to practise my writing so hope you enjoy the story!!! AND, if your name somehow appears there, rest assured that the people i write about know i am writing about them!!! and, if you have ideas for my next post, pls feel free to email me to share your ideas with me!!! thnks!!!

cheers to SHINee KEY~ <3!!

HEY JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ok, so my mid years is gonna end soon so i guess that means i have no excuse to stop blogging for a while.  recently, i have become a HUGE fan of SHINee. a korean boyband.  i think their music is good esp. Lucifer.  that is one u CANNOT miss.  my friend has introduced me to a korean drama, secret garden, which i have yet to watch!!!  but, nevertheless, i will when i have the time.  i'm feelin good today as my exams are gonna end tomorrow and that means i can have more rest!!! i am rather anxious to know my results and i hope i do well(fingers crossed)  well, i really studied(for the first time) and have been paying attention in class(instead of doodling) and i really hopes it pays off.  anyway, as i was saying, shinee consists of 5 awesome people you may know : KEY, ONEW, JONGHYUN, MINHO, TAEMIN!!! i really enjoy listening to their songs and amlooking for people who enjoy k pop too. i also like B2ST(beast) and 2ne1.  ok, some of you may probably be asking "why do you want to listen to something you don't understand"...well, i feel that its not about understanding the lyrics, but enjoying the tune and thinking of how the songwriter felt as he wrote the song.  i have been following shinee's movements through twitter and onew's twitter is so funny to read.  ok, so, now, back to music, i have listened to a few great songs i would like to share with you all!!! :D  here they are:

  • born this way by lady gaga
  • nobody's perfect by miley cyrus
  • lucifer by shinee
  • ring ding dong by shinee
  • you and i by 2ne1
  • go away by 2ne1
  • bad girl by B2ST
  • shock by b2st 
  • i need a doctor by dr dre
  • circle the drain by katy perry
  • teenage dream by katy perry
  • what the hell by avril lavigne
  • innocence by avril lavigne
  • grenade by bruno mars
some songs are seriously long ago and i am sorry but i still find them nice!!! visit my blog soon as i'll be posting pictures of shinee...and other kpop bands!!! and some other random pictures i usually post!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

ok, i've not blogged for quite a long time.... i am really tired as i've been sleeping at 11.30pm and waking u at about 5.30am for the past few days... i'm currently participating in an essay writing competition and hope that the 700 word essay would be worth it.  i spent the whole night doing it and at last, managed to complete it after much effort...  ok, i've taken some random pictures and well, as i said, its really boring if a blog is wordy so i shall upload some pictures on it!!!

ok, this picture at the top was drawn by me, inspired by a magazine i found in a library.  still trying to imrove my drawing and of course, learn how to draw a face.

 ok, i love PINK!!! and this was done during geograohy class when i was about to fall asleep...AGAIN!!!

this is the notes i took down during design studies lesson, my FAVOURITE lesson!!!(partly cos there's aircon)
dont u think kim beum is just HOT!? ^^ 

this is another doodle done by me!!! but in math class

and another doodle... haha... this is the hairstyle i like drawing the most... haha

and so this post ends with a simple thank you and i hope you will visit this blog often to find out what i'm up to!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


ok, here are a few epic photos i would like to share with everyone!!! i found them on the internet so ....yea....haha.epic fail!!!


ok, i'm sure tis is gettin kinda boringcos i nvr post any photos... so i'm gonna upload some photos and hopefully more ppl will c this blog as interesting!!!  and to those 2 ppl frm US who viewed this blog, thanks!! but i would have appreciated it if u left a comment or something!!! ok, back to the pictures!!!
hot pink nail polish!!! rally cute!!!

neon orange toenails are awesome!!!

my awesome calculator!!!

simply epic...

m&m's are gr8!!!^^

commontest 2

okok ppl!!! i've not updated tis blog for a seriously long time cos i've been seriously busy...SORRY!!! ok, i've just got bak my commontest results and i did so badly tis round... chinese-30/50   english/language arts-15/25   maths-23.5/40    science-28/35     geography-29/40... i've diproved by so much cos i gt all A1s for commontest 1 except for math, which was a B3...well, i've alrdy tried my best and so therefore there is really nothing for me to be sad about.... anyway, i will stop slacking at the corner of the class and listen when the teacher speaks instead of sleeping...(what, u can't blame me for having such a boring geography teacher...) and so jiayous to all the 1/4 ppl who is readng tis!!! and work harder!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

its the march hols!!!

Yay!!! the march hols is finally here!!! the rest i needed has finally come and i can finally have that extra few hours of sleep!!! i have so much school homework to do but just can't be bothered to do anything right now... i mean seriously, holiday means DOES NOT MEAN homework,tuition,revision!!! holiday=fun, relax,play and MORE SLEEP!!! come on, seriously, i feel holidays have somehow 'EVOLVED' overtime and now the supposed to be fun holidays have become dull, boring, homework all-day holidays!!! that is SO UNFAIR!!! ok, maybe too much play isn't good.but all work and no play makes EVERYONE dull people!!! >.<o ok, i've got to go do my homework but i'll be sure to post as soon as i'm back!!!^^

Friday, March 11, 2011

Alright!!! my new template is totelly awesome!!! i spent the whole day searchin for a perfect blogskin and FINALLY!!!!! i wud lyk 2 thank the person who designed this blogskin!!! this is  so  awesome!!! and to all my loyal readers and those few, ok fine 2, people who commented on my posts!!! THANK YOU!!! alright, today i'm gonna talk bout my friends in school... my good friend now is Jamie, and two other good friends are vivian and vanessa:) they r awesome!!! my other friends i enjoy being with is grace, chynne, hui wen, awadah, rachel(lim), yeehwee(tnx for teachin me how to link blogs though i still dun geddit...)  i really enjoyed school and i hope we wud become the best of friends even though no one would replace VERONICA, JAMIE TAN, JOY, HAFI, RI2, DANA AND NICOLE!!!  they r such awwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeesome friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! i really hope that i can continue bein first in class:) (i'm no nerd!!! it was purely luck actually since i didnt study as i forgot that i had an exam...)  i also hope that 1-4 would stand united and not be so sexist!!! yea, so i've made many friends....AND ENEMIES... and i really hope i will become someone whom everyone hopes to be friends(TRUE friends) with!!! AND PS, stop bad mouthing jamie!!! she's a really nice person!!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

my friend's b'day!!!

hey everyone!!! ok, i've finally found out my class blog!(yay!) next thurs gonna be my gd fren b day!!! yay!!! but unsure of what to give her... hmm......... anyway, i'm currently SO tired and thank goodness there is NO CCA TODAY!!!!!!!!! ok, i'm currently thinkin of what to get my friend..... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....................... i seriously don't know... a notebook would be too lame and a teddy bear is so unoriginal...... hmm... something that can show my sincerity.... and gratitude to be able to be her friend!!!! of course, her b day isnt tomorrow so i guess i can wait till i get next week's allowance to grab a gift of the shelf in a store and pay de money!!! but that would be so unoriginal... hmmm.... something green...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

hey ppl!!! i'm here again!!! ok, today, i'm gonna talk bout............FEELING DEPRESSED!!!ok, if u r feelin depressed, READ ON!!! if u aren't, still continue reading on as u nvr noe when this info may come in handy!!
ok, so let me start off by saying that many of my classmates are feelin depressed. all over many weeny details like parent-child relationship and of course, friendship. now, let me tell u tis... the main reason someone feels depressed is because they are too stressed. try to loosen up a lil and turn down the emo meter!!! ok, another thing is the lack of me, many people who do not have their 8 hrs of sleep AT LEAST, will feel seriously tired during the day. like the other time, i was feelin seriously tired so i accidentally hit my head on the taxi as i was gettin off... ok...STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!! feelin depressed happens to everyone regardless of how cheerful you can get so if one day you feel depressed, dun feel bad and tell yourself that the world is so huge there is bound to be someone or something that is feelin worser than you!!! jia yous to all my friends!!! ><o

Monday, February 21, 2011

erm...i dunno...

hey ppl! great to meet u guys again!!!!!!!!! i've come up with 10 must knows that u gotta know in your life!!!! even if it means ur on ur deathbed!!!!!
  1. Shinee- KEY!!!!
  2. avril lavigne
  3. how awesome i am!!!!(jkjk)
  4. how to blow a bubblegum
  5. how happy i would be if u continued reading and after that, posted a comment
  6. lady gaga
  7. the annoying orange
  8. nigahhigah!!!(and that green ball)
  9. how to use facebook
  10. how i hate homework
ok, so thats practically 10 really important (though small) things u gotta know before u die!!! haha. i'm so stressed these days i not sure i can survive the next. ok, i'm not that stressed but i really dun have anytime to do anything else other than homework and blogging(which i do really rarely). and now, i even result to downloading shows to watch in the bus or mrt on the way home to save time. even the music i listen to has to be really soft or i'll get distracted. oh yea, i've finally got one comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why,oh why, does it take SO long for me to get just one comment!? please, i'm beggin you, just one comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you! and to my sworn sista if u eva read tis: Saranghae!!!!!!!!!!~ muacks!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

hey everyone!!!! this is my second post alrdy!!!!!!!!! ok, today i'm gonna talk about chinese new year!!! ok, first of all, let me tell u that i love chinese new year, not just cos theres red packets but also cos i lurv the sweets at relatives house. haha. me and my sis used to bring a huge bag to collect our sweets in. lol. what i also like about new year is the part where i get to meet my cousins!!! yay! they are completely crazy. as in seriously, plain crazy. and they are super dramatic too. but anyway, i am gonna celebrate chinese new year in..........MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! yipee!!! all the shopping i can do there!!!!!!!!! i CAN HARDLY WAIT! oh, i didn't realise i was typing in caps...haha. lol. there is so much hmwrk now, and i find myself sacrifising (is that how you spell it???)  my tv and video time for homework! how dorky is that!? i mean seriously, i would NEVER do that in the past but now, i've got no choice... :p i hate this!!!!!!!!!!! this is completely absurb. ok, i sound so english-y now. and i also sound so weird.... lol.ok, so i shall stop here for now as i have got nothing else to say... BYE!!!!  ^.^o

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hey ya'll!!!!! this is the 3rd wk of school and amazingly i survived it even though im sittin beside this super super very very quiet girl. i talk loads and love 2 laugh. so sittin beside a quiet and innocent girl can be freaky but i guess if i talk to her more maybe she'll soon be like me, an open and seriously awesome-ly fun person...!!!!!!! one thing is, if u are ryan readin this, u still havent answered my question, WHY ARE YOU SO EMO????????????? seriously, emo ppl are freaky. the only time i be emo is when i am in a bad mood but that hardly happens. i can seriously be crazy at times but who cares what others think??!! (i dunt) so let me tell u more bout me!^^

i  am a fan of k pop and i enjoy photography and listening to music. a few of my fav songs are innocence, cant nobody, give me a little try, i dont care, hello, and jenny!
i love mushrooms and love havin fun and of course, love shopping for shoes!!!!!!!!!!! i mean seriously, imagine a day without wearing you shoes and it is raining... all that mud on the streets and worst of all, YOU DIDN'T NOTICE IT AND STEPPED ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you were wearin shoes, you wouldnt have to be in this scenario and high likely u wuld be already on your way to ur destination. see? shoes is an essential thing which u CANNOT,i repeat, CANNOT forget to have.
i love hangin out with friends and painting my toe nails in weird colours lyk black, light blue and hot pink. haha. you must be wondering y i wud do that. but again, i like it so i will hav it.!!!^^
i enjoy beading and drawing. i used to wish to be a hairstylist^^ but i changed my mind, i wanna be a billionaire  so freakin bad............. jkjk. i wanna be a photographer and a cartoonist. or maybe an artist(cos i absolutely enjoy visual and abstract art).
i hope that after readin this u wuld get to noe me better.oh yea, i forgot to mention i like playing tennis though i play really badly. haha. and i hate pimples. lol. hope to blog soon again!!!!