Monday, May 30, 2011

the start of hols!!!!

hey!!! so the hols has just begun and i'm feeling SO bored already!!! i've run outta things to do and can't wait till school starts again(unexpectedly)... i cant wait to meet up with my friends again and am seriously looking for something to do... anyway, i feel so good about starting a new blog and hey, it turned out great!!! anyway, i've reached about 300 pageviews for this blog and i m SO proud of it!! :) i would like to thank those who have been reading my blog and those that are reading it now.  but i do hope you leave a comment to, and maybe suggestions on what could be improved in the blog!!! so, the following are links to my other blogs i hope you see too:)
i really hope to see my pagevews increasing!!! and once again, THANK YOU!!! :D

Friday, May 27, 2011

another awesome blog for me:)

hey guys, and gals!!! i've just created another blog, though i'll still be blogging on this one too:) link: !!! pls do visit it and if possible, comment too!!! i look forward to sharing my thoughts and expressing myself through that blog and this one too.
bored and feel like reading but just dont know what to read??? well, look no further as i also have another blog, .  i write short chapters of a love story. (p.s. the story is fake)  ok, you probably might be thinking"where does this girl get so much ideas from?" well, mostly, i get my ideas from shows i watch (especially korean shows) and sometimes thing that happen in my life!! but, than again, i still enjoy writing and twisting the ends of things that happened so that it would become the most perfect and complete story..EVER!!!  i hope all my readers enjoy reading my posts and pls do comment!!! you can comment as anonymous, thn click preview and type the nonsense word given. or you could log in with your google account and comment too!!! i would also like to thank those who have been reading my posts, allowing my blog to reach those in Iran and even Germany!!! lol, i did not realise i've typed so much!! ok, i shall stop now but before that, i would like to thnk you once again!!! THANKS:D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

how i spent my week...

hey everyone!! i havent updated the blog for quite awhile and am so terribly busy now. ok, first i would like to share with you how i spent the week.  i have been feeling seriously tired and have not had a sugar rush in quite awhile... on tuesday was vesak day and so we had no school(yay!!!) on thursday(or was it friday???) i went out though i was supposed to be at home... SLEEPING!! and on friday, something ultra unexpected happened, i won a competition i had participated in!!!! OMG!!! i was seriously happy and surprised as it wasnt really award winning... anyway, after i got home from the prize presentation,i showered, had dinner and was literally STUCK on the sofa, watching TV!!! i watched cinderella story and after that, watched a documentary. that was not all. after the documentary, i watched the news... ok, well, better than reading the newspapers right??? the only reason i read the newspapers is because of the comics section and horoscope, which actually, is seriously accurate!  like on friday, it said being confident would do me good. and guess what? i was confident and won the competition!!! anyway, back to newspapers. i SERIOUSLY enjoy baby blues, foxtrot, snoopy and another on i'm not sure what its called... anyway, i just hope this blog would reach 300 pageviews soon!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

 ok, i've taken some screen shots of SHINee's music videos AND some other random photos of them... enjoy...


                                                                                                                        " back off..."


                                                                                         "Listen now young ones..."


                                                                                           "JUST GO..."

SHINee together~!!

<~ haha. this is a very sick photo...

SHINee SHOWALS 4EVER!!!:) <3~!!


ok everyone, i've got a new tumblr so pls pls see!!! well,i've just startde only so there's like only one post...but ANYWAY, here's the link!!!

ok, as i was saying, i'm really happy that some people from iran, malaysia and even germany have viewed my blog!!! and yes!!! i've got 69 views from Singapore!!! *clap clap clap* haha!!! i would just like to thank everyone for visiting my blog and'll find out more about me if you visit my blog regularly!!! and yes, pls do comment!!! you can use anonymous as your name too!!! i just would like to hear about how i can improve my blog so it looks more "welcoming"!!! haha, anyway, YES!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND I DO HOPE THAT YOU CAN VISIT MY BLOG REGULARLY AND SO THAT I CAN INCREASE MY PAGEVIEWS!!!
another awesome blog of mine:
its fake, don't worry and i use it to practise my writing so hope you enjoy the story!!! AND, if your name somehow appears there, rest assured that the people i write about know i am writing about them!!! and, if you have ideas for my next post, pls feel free to email me to share your ideas with me!!! thnks!!!

cheers to SHINee KEY~ <3!!

HEY JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ok, so my mid years is gonna end soon so i guess that means i have no excuse to stop blogging for a while.  recently, i have become a HUGE fan of SHINee. a korean boyband.  i think their music is good esp. Lucifer.  that is one u CANNOT miss.  my friend has introduced me to a korean drama, secret garden, which i have yet to watch!!!  but, nevertheless, i will when i have the time.  i'm feelin good today as my exams are gonna end tomorrow and that means i can have more rest!!! i am rather anxious to know my results and i hope i do well(fingers crossed)  well, i really studied(for the first time) and have been paying attention in class(instead of doodling) and i really hopes it pays off.  anyway, as i was saying, shinee consists of 5 awesome people you may know : KEY, ONEW, JONGHYUN, MINHO, TAEMIN!!! i really enjoy listening to their songs and amlooking for people who enjoy k pop too. i also like B2ST(beast) and 2ne1.  ok, some of you may probably be asking "why do you want to listen to something you don't understand"...well, i feel that its not about understanding the lyrics, but enjoying the tune and thinking of how the songwriter felt as he wrote the song.  i have been following shinee's movements through twitter and onew's twitter is so funny to read.  ok, so, now, back to music, i have listened to a few great songs i would like to share with you all!!! :D  here they are:

  • born this way by lady gaga
  • nobody's perfect by miley cyrus
  • lucifer by shinee
  • ring ding dong by shinee
  • you and i by 2ne1
  • go away by 2ne1
  • bad girl by B2ST
  • shock by b2st 
  • i need a doctor by dr dre
  • circle the drain by katy perry
  • teenage dream by katy perry
  • what the hell by avril lavigne
  • innocence by avril lavigne
  • grenade by bruno mars
some songs are seriously long ago and i am sorry but i still find them nice!!! visit my blog soon as i'll be posting pictures of shinee...and other kpop bands!!! and some other random pictures i usually post!!!