Friday, April 8, 2011

ok, i've not blogged for quite a long time.... i am really tired as i've been sleeping at 11.30pm and waking u at about 5.30am for the past few days... i'm currently participating in an essay writing competition and hope that the 700 word essay would be worth it.  i spent the whole night doing it and at last, managed to complete it after much effort...  ok, i've taken some random pictures and well, as i said, its really boring if a blog is wordy so i shall upload some pictures on it!!!

ok, this picture at the top was drawn by me, inspired by a magazine i found in a library.  still trying to imrove my drawing and of course, learn how to draw a face.

 ok, i love PINK!!! and this was done during geograohy class when i was about to fall asleep...AGAIN!!!

this is the notes i took down during design studies lesson, my FAVOURITE lesson!!!(partly cos there's aircon)
dont u think kim beum is just HOT!? ^^ 

this is another doodle done by me!!! but in math class

and another doodle... haha... this is the hairstyle i like drawing the most... haha

and so this post ends with a simple thank you and i hope you will visit this blog often to find out what i'm up to!!!