Saturday, August 4, 2012

Long time no upload Omo.

Hey peeps! I havent really updated this year and so i shall RIGHT NOW. Kays i finally found an app in the play store to upload my posts and stuff so yesh lets beginnnn...

Well, now is the second semester and i have set a few targets and goals i wish to achieve in the semester.  Well, i hope i manage to hit those targets as this is a very important year for me omg... anyways life has been really difficult and tiring for me but i have to bear with it! JIAYOUS! Kays so anyways i find myself mixong around with many different people this year. And sometimes i think they are more interesting and fun._. Okays well i really feel like taking a break in this ever so busy urban city of singapore but i guess i cant. Studies first then play has been a rule in here for years... haizx... i have found out more about my friends this semester and well, i dont really know why i wanted to but i realised that in every clique, theres always a faker no matter what but i guess its all part of life, isnt it?

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Monday, June 4, 2012


Hey Imma back~!!!! anyways, its the JUne holidays now! I would first like to apologise for not updating for such a longggg timne! >< sorrehhh! I didnt have the time this year as i was kinda busy with my hectic school life and stuffs~~ anyways... I have been really bored this holidays with a fever for a week and so basically for the first time, i really wish for school! AHH ... i feel like going to the arcade again to play... hmm.. heehee shall think about it! :) anyways, some cool songs i have listened to this year! :)


shinee- sherlock! (their comeback<3)

wild one- flo rida

call me maybe

This is what makes us girls- lana del rey

video games - lana del rey

set fire to the rain - adele

part of me- katy perry


Thursday, November 24, 2011


hey i found this awesome websute to watch GREAT shows:) really good:) love it:) i got to go now as i'm not as free as i may seem to be:( sad... bye:)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EOYs, movie marathon

EOYs hav finally ended!!!! today is marking day so no school:) movie marathon-ing now!! watching 200 pounds of beauty on :) really good:) second time watching:) very funny!! next show will be 49 days!! haha! gtg now! cheers to korean drama:) <3

Friday, September 30, 2011


heylo:) cant post much today cos i wasted loads of time tryng to turn on the computer... but ANYWAY, heylo:) exams are here already, and although i think i'm not gonna do ell, i'm not fretting it or else i'll get too stress... too stress= wanna die= will die... SO BETTER NOT!!!! i can do it!! ><o

Thursday, September 15, 2011


HEYLO! has been quite awhile since i last updated but here i am:) updating my blog like some epic awkward dork:) ok la, maybe not so bad... hahah:) ok, will take pic of my drawing of 2ne1 thn upload:) PARK BOM AND MINJI WAS LIKE SCREWED:P :'( hahah:) kay nid to go alrdy! will update soon:)