Thursday, March 31, 2011


ok, here are a few epic photos i would like to share with everyone!!! i found them on the internet so ....yea....haha.epic fail!!!


ok, i'm sure tis is gettin kinda boringcos i nvr post any photos... so i'm gonna upload some photos and hopefully more ppl will c this blog as interesting!!!  and to those 2 ppl frm US who viewed this blog, thanks!! but i would have appreciated it if u left a comment or something!!! ok, back to the pictures!!!
hot pink nail polish!!! rally cute!!!

neon orange toenails are awesome!!!

my awesome calculator!!!

simply epic...

m&m's are gr8!!!^^

commontest 2

okok ppl!!! i've not updated tis blog for a seriously long time cos i've been seriously busy...SORRY!!! ok, i've just got bak my commontest results and i did so badly tis round... chinese-30/50   english/language arts-15/25   maths-23.5/40    science-28/35     geography-29/40... i've diproved by so much cos i gt all A1s for commontest 1 except for math, which was a B3...well, i've alrdy tried my best and so therefore there is really nothing for me to be sad about.... anyway, i will stop slacking at the corner of the class and listen when the teacher speaks instead of sleeping...(what, u can't blame me for having such a boring geography teacher...) and so jiayous to all the 1/4 ppl who is readng tis!!! and work harder!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

its the march hols!!!

Yay!!! the march hols is finally here!!! the rest i needed has finally come and i can finally have that extra few hours of sleep!!! i have so much school homework to do but just can't be bothered to do anything right now... i mean seriously, holiday means DOES NOT MEAN homework,tuition,revision!!! holiday=fun, relax,play and MORE SLEEP!!! come on, seriously, i feel holidays have somehow 'EVOLVED' overtime and now the supposed to be fun holidays have become dull, boring, homework all-day holidays!!! that is SO UNFAIR!!! ok, maybe too much play isn't good.but all work and no play makes EVERYONE dull people!!! >.<o ok, i've got to go do my homework but i'll be sure to post as soon as i'm back!!!^^

Friday, March 11, 2011

Alright!!! my new template is totelly awesome!!! i spent the whole day searchin for a perfect blogskin and FINALLY!!!!! i wud lyk 2 thank the person who designed this blogskin!!! this is  so  awesome!!! and to all my loyal readers and those few, ok fine 2, people who commented on my posts!!! THANK YOU!!! alright, today i'm gonna talk bout my friends in school... my good friend now is Jamie, and two other good friends are vivian and vanessa:) they r awesome!!! my other friends i enjoy being with is grace, chynne, hui wen, awadah, rachel(lim), yeehwee(tnx for teachin me how to link blogs though i still dun geddit...)  i really enjoyed school and i hope we wud become the best of friends even though no one would replace VERONICA, JAMIE TAN, JOY, HAFI, RI2, DANA AND NICOLE!!!  they r such awwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeesome friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! i really hope that i can continue bein first in class:) (i'm no nerd!!! it was purely luck actually since i didnt study as i forgot that i had an exam...)  i also hope that 1-4 would stand united and not be so sexist!!! yea, so i've made many friends....AND ENEMIES... and i really hope i will become someone whom everyone hopes to be friends(TRUE friends) with!!! AND PS, stop bad mouthing jamie!!! she's a really nice person!!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

my friend's b'day!!!

hey everyone!!! ok, i've finally found out my class blog!(yay!) next thurs gonna be my gd fren b day!!! yay!!! but unsure of what to give her... hmm......... anyway, i'm currently SO tired and thank goodness there is NO CCA TODAY!!!!!!!!! ok, i'm currently thinkin of what to get my friend..... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....................... i seriously don't know... a notebook would be too lame and a teddy bear is so unoriginal...... hmm... something that can show my sincerity.... and gratitude to be able to be her friend!!!! of course, her b day isnt tomorrow so i guess i can wait till i get next week's allowance to grab a gift of the shelf in a store and pay de money!!! but that would be so unoriginal... hmmm.... something green...