Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hey ya'll!!!!! this is the 3rd wk of school and amazingly i survived it even though im sittin beside this super super very very quiet girl. i talk loads and love 2 laugh. so sittin beside a quiet and innocent girl can be freaky but i guess if i talk to her more maybe she'll soon be like me, an open and seriously awesome-ly fun person...!!!!!!! one thing is, if u are ryan readin this, u still havent answered my question, WHY ARE YOU SO EMO????????????? seriously, emo ppl are freaky. the only time i be emo is when i am in a bad mood but that hardly happens. i can seriously be crazy at times but who cares what others think??!! (i dunt) so let me tell u more bout me!^^

i  am a fan of k pop and i enjoy photography and listening to music. a few of my fav songs are innocence, cant nobody, give me a little try, i dont care, hello, and jenny!
i love mushrooms and love havin fun and of course, love shopping for shoes!!!!!!!!!!! i mean seriously, imagine a day without wearing you shoes and it is raining... all that mud on the streets and worst of all, YOU DIDN'T NOTICE IT AND STEPPED ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you were wearin shoes, you wouldnt have to be in this scenario and high likely u wuld be already on your way to ur destination. see? shoes is an essential thing which u CANNOT,i repeat, CANNOT forget to have.
i love hangin out with friends and painting my toe nails in weird colours lyk black, light blue and hot pink. haha. you must be wondering y i wud do that. but again, i like it so i will hav it.!!!^^
i enjoy beading and drawing. i used to wish to be a hairstylist^^ but i changed my mind, i wanna be a billionaire  so freakin bad............. jkjk. i wanna be a photographer and a cartoonist. or maybe an artist(cos i absolutely enjoy visual and abstract art).
i hope that after readin this u wuld get to noe me better.oh yea, i forgot to mention i like playing tennis though i play really badly. haha. and i hate pimples. lol. hope to blog soon again!!!!

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