Thursday, January 27, 2011

hey everyone!!!! this is my second post alrdy!!!!!!!!! ok, today i'm gonna talk about chinese new year!!! ok, first of all, let me tell u that i love chinese new year, not just cos theres red packets but also cos i lurv the sweets at relatives house. haha. me and my sis used to bring a huge bag to collect our sweets in. lol. what i also like about new year is the part where i get to meet my cousins!!! yay! they are completely crazy. as in seriously, plain crazy. and they are super dramatic too. but anyway, i am gonna celebrate chinese new year in..........MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! yipee!!! all the shopping i can do there!!!!!!!!! i CAN HARDLY WAIT! oh, i didn't realise i was typing in caps...haha. lol. there is so much hmwrk now, and i find myself sacrifising (is that how you spell it???)  my tv and video time for homework! how dorky is that!? i mean seriously, i would NEVER do that in the past but now, i've got no choice... :p i hate this!!!!!!!!!!! this is completely absurb. ok, i sound so english-y now. and i also sound so weird.... lol.ok, so i shall stop here for now as i have got nothing else to say... BYE!!!!  ^.^o

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