Thursday, June 2, 2011

20th post!!!

hey everyone!!! its my 20th post already!!! i've been blogwalking recently and came across something called MY ABCs... ok, you are probably thinking: what the toot is wrong with this girl!?  but no, nothing is wrong with me!!!  well, below is my ABCs and i hope you read it:)

Andrea, yea, thats my name:)
Brother- annoying
Coke-don't really like it cos its carbonated sugar water
Dog- nope, i don't have one.
Eggs- should be scrambled.
Gays can be nice people too you know...
Hairstyle-an awesome mushroom:)
Ice cream is awesome on a hot day like today...
Jellybeans are colourful:)
Katy perry's album, teenage dream, is one of my favourites
Leo, that's my zodiac sign
My life is full of colours:)
Newspapers are boring
Octopus are smart:)
Please comment
Queue up dude!!!
Respect me and my choices
Shut up and drive~
Talk to the hand sister~!!
U r awesome to be reading this
Very awesome indeed...
What is a 4 letter word and is a 3 letter word rarely is a 6 letter word and never is a 5 letter word. get it???
Xmen have muscles:)
Yay!!! thanks for reading this, 1 more to go!!!
Z is the last letter of the alphabet:)

haha, awesome eh??? well, you could make yours up too!! it's simple!!!

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