Sunday, June 26, 2011

sch hols are ending:( !!!

oh boy, the school hols are ending..well today is the last day and i am so sad... well, at least i will be able to meet friends again...:) i cant wait to tell them bout my trip to hhong kong... well, i visited famous places like the avenue of stars, sky 100, disneyland, TSL(a jewellry place) and many others:) i even took a ferry to macau and visited the place where they filmed BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!! it was SO SO SO fascinating:)!! well, for now i will leave this post short as i still hav loads of homework to do by tonight and that includes 2 chinese essays and comprehension.. and also, i have math!!!! :( noooooo!!! well, so for now, bye:) pls do comment:)

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