Monday, February 21, 2011

erm...i dunno...

hey ppl! great to meet u guys again!!!!!!!!! i've come up with 10 must knows that u gotta know in your life!!!! even if it means ur on ur deathbed!!!!!
  1. Shinee- KEY!!!!
  2. avril lavigne
  3. how awesome i am!!!!(jkjk)
  4. how to blow a bubblegum
  5. how happy i would be if u continued reading and after that, posted a comment
  6. lady gaga
  7. the annoying orange
  8. nigahhigah!!!(and that green ball)
  9. how to use facebook
  10. how i hate homework
ok, so thats practically 10 really important (though small) things u gotta know before u die!!! haha. i'm so stressed these days i not sure i can survive the next. ok, i'm not that stressed but i really dun have anytime to do anything else other than homework and blogging(which i do really rarely). and now, i even result to downloading shows to watch in the bus or mrt on the way home to save time. even the music i listen to has to be really soft or i'll get distracted. oh yea, i've finally got one comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why,oh why, does it take SO long for me to get just one comment!? please, i'm beggin you, just one comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you! and to my sworn sista if u eva read tis: Saranghae!!!!!!!!!!~ muacks!!!

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