Thursday, February 24, 2011

hey ppl!!! i'm here again!!! ok, today, i'm gonna talk bout............FEELING DEPRESSED!!!ok, if u r feelin depressed, READ ON!!! if u aren't, still continue reading on as u nvr noe when this info may come in handy!!
ok, so let me start off by saying that many of my classmates are feelin depressed. all over many weeny details like parent-child relationship and of course, friendship. now, let me tell u tis... the main reason someone feels depressed is because they are too stressed. try to loosen up a lil and turn down the emo meter!!! ok, another thing is the lack of me, many people who do not have their 8 hrs of sleep AT LEAST, will feel seriously tired during the day. like the other time, i was feelin seriously tired so i accidentally hit my head on the taxi as i was gettin off... ok...STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!! feelin depressed happens to everyone regardless of how cheerful you can get so if one day you feel depressed, dun feel bad and tell yourself that the world is so huge there is bound to be someone or something that is feelin worser than you!!! jia yous to all my friends!!! ><o

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