Thursday, March 31, 2011

commontest 2

okok ppl!!! i've not updated tis blog for a seriously long time cos i've been seriously busy...SORRY!!! ok, i've just got bak my commontest results and i did so badly tis round... chinese-30/50   english/language arts-15/25   maths-23.5/40    science-28/35     geography-29/40... i've diproved by so much cos i gt all A1s for commontest 1 except for math, which was a B3...well, i've alrdy tried my best and so therefore there is really nothing for me to be sad about.... anyway, i will stop slacking at the corner of the class and listen when the teacher speaks instead of sleeping...(what, u can't blame me for having such a boring geography teacher...) and so jiayous to all the 1/4 ppl who is readng tis!!! and work harder!!!!

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