Tuesday, March 15, 2011

its the march hols!!!

Yay!!! the march hols is finally here!!! the rest i needed has finally come and i can finally have that extra few hours of sleep!!! i have so much school homework to do but just can't be bothered to do anything right now... i mean seriously, holiday means DOES NOT MEAN homework,tuition,revision!!! holiday=fun, relax,play and MORE SLEEP!!! come on, seriously, i feel holidays have somehow 'EVOLVED' overtime and now the supposed to be fun holidays have become dull, boring, homework all-day holidays!!! that is SO UNFAIR!!! ok, maybe too much play isn't good.but all work and no play makes EVERYONE dull people!!! >.<o ok, i've got to go do my homework but i'll be sure to post as soon as i'm back!!!^^

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