Friday, May 27, 2011

another awesome blog for me:)

hey guys, and gals!!! i've just created another blog, though i'll still be blogging on this one too:) link: !!! pls do visit it and if possible, comment too!!! i look forward to sharing my thoughts and expressing myself through that blog and this one too.
bored and feel like reading but just dont know what to read??? well, look no further as i also have another blog, .  i write short chapters of a love story. (p.s. the story is fake)  ok, you probably might be thinking"where does this girl get so much ideas from?" well, mostly, i get my ideas from shows i watch (especially korean shows) and sometimes thing that happen in my life!! but, than again, i still enjoy writing and twisting the ends of things that happened so that it would become the most perfect and complete story..EVER!!!  i hope all my readers enjoy reading my posts and pls do comment!!! you can comment as anonymous, thn click preview and type the nonsense word given. or you could log in with your google account and comment too!!! i would also like to thank those who have been reading my posts, allowing my blog to reach those in Iran and even Germany!!! lol, i did not realise i've typed so much!! ok, i shall stop now but before that, i would like to thnk you once again!!! THANKS:D

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