Saturday, May 21, 2011

how i spent my week...

hey everyone!! i havent updated the blog for quite awhile and am so terribly busy now. ok, first i would like to share with you how i spent the week.  i have been feeling seriously tired and have not had a sugar rush in quite awhile... on tuesday was vesak day and so we had no school(yay!!!) on thursday(or was it friday???) i went out though i was supposed to be at home... SLEEPING!! and on friday, something ultra unexpected happened, i won a competition i had participated in!!!! OMG!!! i was seriously happy and surprised as it wasnt really award winning... anyway, after i got home from the prize presentation,i showered, had dinner and was literally STUCK on the sofa, watching TV!!! i watched cinderella story and after that, watched a documentary. that was not all. after the documentary, i watched the news... ok, well, better than reading the newspapers right??? the only reason i read the newspapers is because of the comics section and horoscope, which actually, is seriously accurate!  like on friday, it said being confident would do me good. and guess what? i was confident and won the competition!!! anyway, back to newspapers. i SERIOUSLY enjoy baby blues, foxtrot, snoopy and another on i'm not sure what its called... anyway, i just hope this blog would reach 300 pageviews soon!!!!

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