Thursday, May 5, 2011


ok, so my mid years is gonna end soon so i guess that means i have no excuse to stop blogging for a while.  recently, i have become a HUGE fan of SHINee. a korean boyband.  i think their music is good esp. Lucifer.  that is one u CANNOT miss.  my friend has introduced me to a korean drama, secret garden, which i have yet to watch!!!  but, nevertheless, i will when i have the time.  i'm feelin good today as my exams are gonna end tomorrow and that means i can have more rest!!! i am rather anxious to know my results and i hope i do well(fingers crossed)  well, i really studied(for the first time) and have been paying attention in class(instead of doodling) and i really hopes it pays off.  anyway, as i was saying, shinee consists of 5 awesome people you may know : KEY, ONEW, JONGHYUN, MINHO, TAEMIN!!! i really enjoy listening to their songs and amlooking for people who enjoy k pop too. i also like B2ST(beast) and 2ne1.  ok, some of you may probably be asking "why do you want to listen to something you don't understand"...well, i feel that its not about understanding the lyrics, but enjoying the tune and thinking of how the songwriter felt as he wrote the song.  i have been following shinee's movements through twitter and onew's twitter is so funny to read.  ok, so, now, back to music, i have listened to a few great songs i would like to share with you all!!! :D  here they are:

  • born this way by lady gaga
  • nobody's perfect by miley cyrus
  • lucifer by shinee
  • ring ding dong by shinee
  • you and i by 2ne1
  • go away by 2ne1
  • bad girl by B2ST
  • shock by b2st 
  • i need a doctor by dr dre
  • circle the drain by katy perry
  • teenage dream by katy perry
  • what the hell by avril lavigne
  • innocence by avril lavigne
  • grenade by bruno mars
some songs are seriously long ago and i am sorry but i still find them nice!!! visit my blog soon as i'll be posting pictures of shinee...and other kpop bands!!! and some other random pictures i usually post!!!

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